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NEW - Omeda Integration

The CredSpark team is excited to announce a new integration with leading audience relationship management platform Omeda

Omeda helps to acquire, unify, manage & activate your audience data.  Enabling this integration will allow you to grow your audience with data gathered via CredSpark.  CredSpark can feed data to your Omeda account via Omeda’s Data Loader tool.

To set up the integration:

  1. Contact your Client Success Manager at Omeda to receive your SFTP credentials.
  2. Send your SFTP credentials to so we can link your CredSpark account to Omeda.
  3. The content you created with CredSpark will appear in the “Files” tab in Omeda.  Keep in mind that the data transfer happens every day at 9:00 PM Central Time. 
  4. Check out Omeda’s documentation for more information on how to use their Data Loader tool.

We’re here to help make your Omeda and CredSpark integration work, so please email us: